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A Vivir El Momento           (Flamenco or Fitness)


For the A Vivir El Momento Fitness, Rocio gives modifications to those that train under her (privates or classes) from beginning to intermediate to advanced levels to make sure that endurance, strength, flexibility and stamina gradually develop (the way the body is designed to adapt).  She has been teaching group classes & privates since 1997 always customizing her workouts to her clients.  Rocio Ponce believes that if we would start eating healthy & exercising from the time we're born, this industry would cater to our healthy needs & not so much to our sick needs. ©2013 RocioPonce


A Vivir El Momento Flamenco is based in Los Angeles, California. The ensemble is known for it's creative interfusion of art, fearlessness with grace, emotion, & spirit.

A Vivir El Momento Flamenco presents a promenade of raw yet cultivated & conjunctive blends of Flamenco, unique individual personalities, & in the moment extemporization approaches. The phrase "A Vivir El Momento" translates in english "to live the moment". A Vivir El Momento Flamenco represents the roots that are carried inside a person's life experience in the now that are influenced from their past, their present, and what's to come in their future. This is the inception and impulse of all pieces created by the ensemble. In other words, while the pieces take on the quality of flamenco, they will consistently preserve the alluring, exciting, trance-inducing, & impassioned individual element of living the moment. Furthermore, the nature of unique individualism is not only preserved but created in the moment by it's own dancers and artists. A Vivir El Momento Flamenco is not a company, it is a gathering of various artists at one time on different occasions who choose to make the moment festive & strut their stuff. All artists in A Vivir El Momento Flamenco are their own artistic directors.

It is up to the older generation to make sure that the youth of today grow up to be strong productive human beings. By stimulating the urban youth, a path of opportunities is a gift to help them believe in themselves. Offering the arts, spending time with them, walking them through each way of their exploring growth is a rewarding karma that can radiate from one to the other. Keep the positive energy flowing, and you’ll see that you’ll be a happier person because the law of life’s positive manifestations will be in your favor. Kids need encouragement everyday. Our youth are an extension of us & we must make sure they grow up to be strong independents. So if you’re not a parent, think again; we are all walking parents whether we want to or not because children exist everywhere & they mimic everything we do. So next time a child is watching you, they will sponge in everything you do. What ever you do, say or radiate, they will feed on. So be careful. Children are the treasures of this society & it is up to all of us to make sure they ascend in life. Sincerely, Rocio Ponce